Gestational Diabetes

Being pregnant along with diabetes can be hard to care for at the same time. To keep both the mother and baby healthy, close follow up is needed. It is key for pregnant women with diabetes to get special care and follow their care plan to get to and keep their blood glucose (sugar) at goal to prevent diabetes problems. You should speak often with your healthcare team to discuss any worries, change your care plan if needed, and make sure both you and your baby are safe and well.


Many years ago, some healthcare teams told women with diabetes to avoid getting pregnant. Now, with better diabetes care and good planning, it is safe to get pregnant. The key is to manage your diabetes before getting pregnant and continue to take care of your diabetes as long as you are pregnant.


Once pregnant, it is key for women with diabetes to keep their blood glucose (sugar) levels at goal. High blood glucose (sugar) levels when pregnant can harm the mother and baby. Pregnant women with diabetes have different blood glucose (sugar) goals from women who are not pregnant.

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