About Us

Diabetes Education for All (DEFA) provides diabetes care education tools, resources, and a community of practice in low-income settings to support healthcare workers, people with diabetes, their caregivers, and community members. Through a collaboration among appropriate stakeholders, DEFA is positioned to facilitate high-quality diabetes education and capacity-building process. DEFA staff and clinicians understand that education is essential for people living with diabetes.

DEFA has established a culture that supports its partners to provide exceptional service to our community members and collaborators. DEFA prides itself on fairness, diversity, respect, creativity, and empowerment.

Mission Statement

Capacity building through an acceleration of awareness, education, and training to adopt diabetes care best practices through effective and actionable knowledge among health leaders, diabetes care team members, people with diabetes, and the general public to achieve better health outcomes for people with diabetes.

As a health-focused philanthropy, we serve as a strategic partner to organizations, foundations, and communities by investing through funding, initiatives, and ideas in programs improving health outcomes in diabetes.

DEFA aims to facilitate value-added and emerging diabetes education and tools while streamlining access to learning opportunities in support of the low-income settings we serve. We are committed to building learning networks and advancing our mission by equipping our communities of practice with the core competencies needed to manage diabetes.


DEFA's vision is to improve health awareness, wellness education in diabetes and related diseases worldwide.


Collaboration. We believe that the greatest – and most sustainable – impact comes only when
we work with others toward our common goals.   We seek to be great partners.

Equity. We share an unyielding commitment to providing all communities, especially our neediest, the opportunity to learn from talented health leaders and medical professionals.

Excellence. We are committed to being the very best at what we do. To do that, we recognize that we must be honest and forthright about our strengths and weaknesses and constantly strive for excellence.

Innovation. We share an entrepreneurial spirit that welcomes and includes fresh perspectives and diverse ideas. We're committed to finding new ways to solve old problems.

Integrity. We say what we'll do, and we do what we say.

Leadership. We know that leadership is the most critical factor in an organization's success. We believe this is true for established health organizations, for the programs/people in which we invest dollars and expertise, and for our own organization.