The Treatment section offers comprehensive guidance on managing diabetes through various approaches, including lifestyle modifications, medication, and monitoring. By providing information on different treatment options and their benefits, this resource empowers individuals to make informed decisions in partnership with their healthcare team to effectively manage their condition and improve overall well-being.

Monitoring your blood glucose levels is a key aspect of managing diabetes effectively. Regular monitoring allows you to understand how different factors, such as food, physical activity, medications, and stress, affect your blood sugar levels.


Diabetes treatment includes lifestyle changes such as healthy meals and more activity, taking medicine, and, in some cases, insulin treatment. Treatment plans will depend on the type of diabetes you have, your lifestyle, and ideas from your healthcare team. This quick guide provides some common ways to manage diabetes.


Treating diabetes is not one size fits all as each person will have their own needs and schedules. Here is a look at how you can take care of your diabetes. People with diabetes should work with their healthcare team to learn how to best to manage their diabetes and reach their treatment goals.