Insulin Switching Guides Resources

This section provides resources for managing switching between different insulin formulations during emergency situations.







هذه التوصيات مخصصة للعمل بها في حالات الاستجابة للكوارث فقط عندما لا يكون المرضى في نظامهم العلاجى المعتاد و قد يكون لديهم إمكانيات محدودة لرصد ومتابعة  قياساتهم أو لا يمكنهم الحصول على الأنسولين الخاص بهم




Insulin Switching Patient Infographic addressing the following: Why are insulin types switched during times of conflict/natural disasters? What else should be expected with the change in type of insulin? Anything else people with diabetes should know with insulin switching?


In this short film, DEFA is bringing awareness on safely switching from one insulin to another when and if you find yourself in an unfamiliar environment.

During times of war, conflict and natural disasters people with diabetes may need their insulin formulations switched due to limited supplies or options. Insulin switching guides provide guidance to healthcare workers on the ground to safely utilize available insulin options. The switching guide resources can be found under Resource Library --> Disaster Response Resources.

Please discuss with your healthcare provider prior to switching your insulin.